We are a family owned and operated lawn maintenance company, for both residential and commercial maintenance. We are fully licensed and insured with trained and uniformed staff, English speaking crew chiefs, 24-hour call return policy, email communication, and paperless billing.

Our services include:
• Basic Lawn Care
• Fertilization
• Irrigation inspections
• Hedge Trimming
• Bed Detailing
• Landscaping*
(*available to existing customers only)


Fully uniformed staff with English-speaking crew chiefs


We use email communication and have a 24-hour call return policy.


We offer paperless billing.

About Us

Meet the family.

Three generations of Bells want to welcome you to our family owned and operated South Florida lawn maintenance company.

Each family member has a daily part in our business.
Dad runs the labor force, sales, and bookkeeping departments. Mom writes the newsletters, does the photography, and runs the herb garden/sales, while managing the home. The boy has helped many a day in the field earning his stripes, but his real talent is art, to which he contributed our new logo! While grandma, she helps keep the house clean and dinners prepared when mom’s too busy or just too plain tired. While the pup reminds us all not to take life too seriously, love unconditionally, and mostly, to play as often as we work.

We started the company in 2000 with the mindset of setting our own schedules, providing jobs for others, and returning to that small-town business feel after decades in the big corporate world, all to have more time for what matters most- family.

In a world where the large scale mega companies rule and reign in cold hard numbers and bottom lines, cutting corners and quality, we wanted to return to the long lost small-town values America was built on: personable owners and staff, truly caring for the customer, good quality service which leads to long term loyalty, which initiates the best form of marketing: word-of-mouth, and working together to discover and meet the homeowners needs.

We chose the name [Tree of Life] long before cutting our first blade of grass.
In some Scrolls of old there was a Garden, at its center were two trees, one for Life, and the other we’re told would bring Death, and the people were told to choose one.

We knew we wanted our business to bring life to family’s homes. By us taking on some of the outdoor chores in a homeowner’s life, there would be one less chore on the never-ending to-do list!
Thus our hope was now other homes would have more time for what they felt was important too.

If you have yet to join the TOL family of satisfied customers, we hope your visit here will help you make that choice.

Plan a Project

This page is for our regular monthly customers only as a special extra service to them to plan and complete a new landscape look.

Using the link below, you can browse through options for your new project and get some base price ideas.

This local nursery has cataloged and categorized their entire inventory with pictures, cost, sizes, and availability. Click to visit www.growersoutletoflakeworth.com and get started on your new look!

Once you know what you’d like, call us and we will schedule in, pick up, deliver, plant, and maintain your new landscape project!


The pictures page is coming soon!


Contact Us

Tree Of Life Lawn Services, Inc.

2129 D White Pine Cir
Greenacres, Fl. 33415

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